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Support the SF Guaranteed Income Pilot for Artists (SF-GIPA) by purchasing exclusive merch created by participating artists


Featured artists

Cristina Isabel Rivera

Yarrow Lazer-Smith

Madeleine Putnam

Alexa Treviño

Gazelle Samizay

Carlos Sandoval

Samira Akbari Hozmahi

Support artists with each purchase

We are committed to building wealth and sustaining economic security for artists in our community. We implemented the revenue sharing model in which artists who participate in our program earn a commission from each product sale dedicated to their collection.

80% of the profits of each product goes directly to the artists who designed it

20% of the profits goes towards YBCA to offset store management, development, and customer support


A thriving arts ecosystem in San Francisco requires bold action.

YBCA champions artist-centered investment models that address systemic racism, inequity, and economic insecurity. Guaranteed income, or unconditional cash, is a powerful way to build sustainable opportunities for artists in communities that have been historically overlooked and underfunded.

YBCA’s $4.6 million investment in artists’ financial security reflects the imperative to recognize artists as human beings, regardless of “productivity,” who, like all of us, deserve to thrive and exist in their fullest expression of personhood.

YBCA is engaged with two guaranteed income demonstrations that demonstrate the power of cash on artists’ lives.

Your support of YBCA fuels new paths forward for artists serving the needs of their community, bringing connection, hope, and possibility through their creative enterprises.